This Test Will Determine How Bitchy You Really Are

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“Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done.” ― Madonna

a personality quiz to determine what kind of bitch you are, how bitchy you, if you have bad bitch attitude

 Jan 06, 2016
1 of 7Have you ever yelled at a little kid?
movies/tv, no, shade, sunglasses, mad men, angry, annoyed
On the reg
Only if they deserve it
No, never
Yes, of course
2 of 7How do you feel about telemarketers?
movies/tv, nashville, eyeroll, rude, no, angry, emotion, reactions
Disney–ABC Domestic Television (North America, Season 1–4) Lionsgate (international)
They're just doing a job
If they call during dinner, they're gonna get it
I hate them and everyone else
3 of 7When your pet misbehaves, how do you handle it?
mad, angry, shark, animals
Give them a little leeway with it
Refuse to deal
Get frustrated and think mean thoughts
Groan and complain to a friend
4 of 7How do you react to traffic?
movies/tv, crying, cry, mad, upset, angry, depressed, jess, jessica day, new girl, zooey deschanel, celebs, home
Via Fox
I get insane road rage
It's a necessary evil
Traffic can suck a big one
5 of 7How do you feel about stupid people?
family, gilmore girls, angry, mad
Whatever, everyone has a problem
Stupid people make me so crazy
Keep them away from me
6 of 7Someone cuts in front of you in line, you:
movies/tv, angry, mad, crazy, mean, PLL, Pretty Little Liars, spencer, hastings, spencer hastings, troian bellisario, celebs
Let them, if they're old
Write bitchy tweets about them and sneak an Insta pic
Lose your shit and yell at them
7 of 7How do you deal with criticism?
the princess diaries, princess diaries, princess, foot stomp, mad, angry, movies/tv
Enjoy the attention
Give them a piece of your mind
Ignore the haters
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