Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Religious Test If You Went To Catholic School

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The Religious quiz you can only pass if you attended Catholic school. Can you pass?

A Catholic school alumni? That's you! But did you pay attention in class, or did you party hard? Either way, take the quiz!

 Jan 10, 2017
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First thing's first: What is elementary school?
Grammar School
Uh. Elementary school?
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Did you know everyone in your grade?
Obviously. There were like 20 of us.
Nope. There were too many.
Mostly. At least by face.
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One a scale of one to ten: How fast could rumors move?
1 - We didn't have rumors. We were learning.
10 - At the speed of light.
5 - Moderately... No one really cared too much.
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Do you remember Sex Ed?
Yeah. It was a little too detailed for me.
Chya. That class taught pre-martial sex was deadly.
A little bit. I think we learned about condoms.
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How did the day at school begin?
Saying the pledge. And a prayer.
When the bell rang.
Saying the pledge.
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When did you hear "Leave room for the Holy Spirit"?
In Mass.
Before and at school dances.
Before dinner.
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The song goes: "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, heard..."
"...the song and sang along."
"...the Lord and sang a song."
"...the news and passed it on."
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What role did you always want in the Christmas play?
The Angel
I don't know. I always got the sheep...
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Skirt rolling: Guilty or Innocent?
Guilty. So guilty.
Innocent! I would never!
Semi-Guilty. By association.
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What was the best part of having a uniform?
Best part? There wasn't a best part!
You never had to pick an outfit Mon - Fri.
Plaid is really my style. I loved it.
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