Can You Ace This Classic Pokemon Trivia Quiz?

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Can you ace this Pokemon quiz of the 90s?

Were Pikachu and Ash part of your 90s childhood? Prove it! Take the ultimate Pokemon quiz to see if you're a true Pokemon trainer!

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Did you grow up watching Pokemon on TV, playing the games on your Nintendo? Which Pokemon video game is your favorite? Diamond and Pearl? Crystal? Or maybe you prefer playing the new app, Pokemon GO? However you play or watch it, I'm sure you've encountered your fare share of Pokemon, so much so that you're probably wondering just how much Pokemon trivia you know! Well, if that's true, then this is the quiz for you! Can you believe there are how 807 Pokemon between 7 generations? That's crazy! Which region is your favorite? Is it the Kanto region? Or the Alola? No matter which region is your favorite, take this quiz to see if you can ace this Pokemon trivia quiz! And remember, with 807 of them running around now, so this quiz can get tricky!

Want to learn more about Pokemon? Well did you know that Gold and Silver were planned as the final Pokmon games? That's right! Our beloved franchise could have ended 20 years ago! Bet your glad it didn't.

Rhydon was the first Pokemon ever created! Though Arceus is the oldest Pokemon within the game universe, the first Pokemon ever designed was Rhydon.

Pikachu has actually been printed on money - actually currency! In 2001, the South Pacific island of Niue put the beloved Pokemon on its coins to celebrate the series.

Ninetales is based on the same Japanese legend as a beast in the Naruto anime. Foxes pop up quite a bit in Japanese lore, but Ninetales and Kurama, the beast that is locked within the anime character Naruto, share inspiration stories.

It's hard to believe anyone other than Pikachu would be the mascot for the series, but Clefairy almost held that role! Although this was changed before the show aired on TV, Clefairy can still be seen as Ash's companion in the Red and Blue manga.

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