Quiz: Can You Answer These 22 Questions Every Dog Owner Should Know?

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(Wo)man's best friend: The dog! How great is your canine knowledge? Take the Women.com quiz to find out and show your stuff!

 Jan 06, 2017
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Easy does it: What is America's most popular breed?
The Poodle.
The Golden Retriever.
The Labrador Retriever.
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Why do dogs spin around before laying down?
It's an old instinct from when they were wild.
No one knows.
Because they think it's fun.
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Dogs were found among humans _____ years ago.
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Can dogs see color?
Yes, but with a blue filter.
Totally. Full-spectrum.
Nope. Just black and white.
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_____ is the way to a dog's heart.
Treats and food!
Toys and hugs!
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You can make a little dog dominant by hold him over a big one:
Dominance in dogs is a myth.
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_____ are poisonous to dogs.
Celery sticks.
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Dogs should eat puppy food for how long?
Until they have adult teeth.
Until they are a year old.
Until they are a year and a half old.
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Hypo-allergenic dogs are:
Dogs who don't shed.
Dogs that have less dander and shedding.
A sales tactic.
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Why is it good for dogs to chew on bones?
It's not good for them! Choking hazard, hello?
It cleans their teeth by breaking down tartar.
It gives them something to do.
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True or False: Little dogs require less exercise.
Exercise requirements depend on the dog, not the size.
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Puppies should be at least _____ old before leaving their mom.
8 weeks.
12 weeks.
6 weeks.
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Dogs can smell ______ times better than humans.
A thousand.
A hundred.
A million.
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What chemical is released in dog's brain when we pet them?
Melatonin - Zzzz.
Serotonin - happy!
Oxytocin - the feel good chemical!
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Why do many dogs chase smaller animals?
Because they're bad, hateful creatures!
Because they think it's fun!
Because hunting instinct tells them to.
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An average dog can develop the mental capacity of ______.
A 10 month old human.
A five year old human.
A three year old human.
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Giant breeds, like the Great Dane, live:
About the same lifespan of smaller breeds.
Shorter lifespans than smaller dogs.
Longer than smaller dogs.
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Hip dysplasia is common in:
Small and toy breeds.
Medium sized breeds.
Large breeds.
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Are all dogs natural swimmers?
No, they should learn young!
Obviously, they are. The doggy-paddle, anyone?
Sure. It's instinct.
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Why can a dog dehydrate faster than a human?
Because their bodies are made up of a higher percentage of water.
Because they drool a lot.
Because they are smaller.
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Where do dogs sweat from?
They don't. They pant.
Through their drool.
Through their paws.
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From what animal are dogs descended from?
We genetically made them.
They were their own species all along.
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