Quiz: If You Can Pass This Cleaning Test, You Must Be OCD

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Do you have a need for everything to be clean, in pattern and in control? Although we at Women.com aren't psychiatrists, we have a quiz to determine if you have potential OCD similarities!

This is not a quiz created by a psychiatrist or medical professional, but it may help you determine if you have behavioral patterns similar to OCD!

 Feb 20, 2017

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Upon meeting an acquaintance, he or she reaches out a hand for a handshake. What do you do?
Give a fist bump instead.
Shake his or her hand. What's the big deal?
Avoid the handshake - the hand to hand contact means germs. Ew!

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Which of the following best describes your nightly routine?
Picking the best pre-bed snack to hold me over.
Checking to see if the door is locked maybe two, three, four or five times.
Passing out immediately - my beauty sleep is imperative, folks!

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When it comes to holding onto belongings, what sounds most like you?
Oh, no. I hold onto all items in case they can be used in the future.
I only get rid of old belongings when I'm bored or need space.
I get rid of the clutter, ASAP!

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Which of the following do you fear the LEAST?

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When it comes to worrying, how would you describe yourself?
I excessively worry about minute details and possibilities.
Not much phases me. I accept things as they are!
I worry about general concerns, such as the well-being of my family.

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You're having friends over. What are you least worried about?
The tastiness of the snacks you're providing.
The cleanliness of your home and everything being arranged perfectly.
Someone accidentally getting harmed.

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What would you say is your biggest flaw?
A need for reassurance.

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How would you describe your bedroom?
Meticulously clean. Clothes color coded, furniture always dusted.
Okay, I'm messy. You're lucky if you can see the floor!
Mostly clean. When I'm busy, I leave clothes here and there.

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Which of these characters do you relate to the least?
Jim Halpert from "The Office".
Monica Geller from "Friends".
Leslie Knope from "Parks and Recreation".

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How superstitious would you say you are?
Not at all. I don't believe in that stuff!
Whether we're talking numeric or religious superstitions - I believe it!
On Friday the 13th, you'll catch me on the lookout. Otherwise, not quite.
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