Why Are Vibrators an Essential Tool for Sexual Wellness?

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Reasons you need a buzzy BFF!

A buzzy BFF could help you reach toe-curling orgasms. But it’s not the only benefit of your trusty vibrator.

Vibrators are pretty popular for the young and vulva-owners, but the older demographic is also starting to embrace the benefits of these sex toys. In fact, they can help with sexual health and wellness, such as female genital arousal disorder (GAD), vaginismus, and low sexual desire.

Learn more below.

Why It’s Healthy to Use a Vibrator

Vibratory stimulation is found to correlate positively with sexual desire, overall function, anorgasmia, pelvic floor dysfunction, and sexual arousal difficulties.

It can enhance feelings of sexual satisfaction

Not every day is warm and sunny—like sexual satisfaction.

Some days your partner just isn’t hitting the right angles for some reason. Similarly, there are days you can’t fully satisfy your partner in the way they need. And that’s normal.

But it could be an issue later on if you let those sprinkles of moments unsolved.

That’s where a sex toy like a vibrator comes in. Adding a buzzy vibe into your session provides additional stimulation.

Note, however, that it should enhance the experience, not replace your partner.

It can help relieve stress

Using a vibrator improves masturbation. And masturbation has many sexual health benefits, including stimulating endorphins and dopamine in our brains and bodies.

The result? It helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

In fact, it could help insomnia by releasing prolactin and lowering your cortisol level, a hormone related to stress. These hormonal shifts help you relax and eventually fall asleep.

Additionally, you can also use vibrators to help you with these health issues:

  • Anorgasmia: Vibrators could provide stimulation to help you reach orgasm if the Big O often eludes you.
  • Menstrual cramps: Orgasms can relieve period cramps due to pelvic floor contractions and endorphins. Say goodbye to your Ibuprofen and heating pads!
  • Vaginal atrophy: This refers to the thinning, drying, and inflammation of the vaginal walls, especially for vulva-owners as they begin menopause. Orgasms from vibrators could stimulate blood flow to the pelvis and increase lubrication.

It can help boost your sex life

Having a great sex life starts with YOURSELF. If you don’t know what you like and what feels good to you, it will be harder for your partner to please you in the way you need.

Of course, you can definitely explore sexual pleasure with your partner. But doing so with yourself gives you the right space and time to discover your sexuality at your pace without the need to perform or please another person.

Knowing your own pleasure points is the stepping stone to understanding what turns you on. This boosts your body confidence and, in turn, your sex life.

It can help improve your relationship

Doing the same thing in bed again and again could get boring. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it could make sex feel like a chore. Bringing in a vibrator in your sex adventures adds spice and variety.

You could use it during foreplay or sex. Regardless, it’s sure to make your session sexier.

Plus, learning how to use a vibrator together is a surefire-hot bonding.

Talking to Your Partner About Trying Vibrators

The one thing you shouldn’t do is whip out a vibrator when you and your partner are already getting hot and ready. Do the discussion outside of bed with clothes still on.

You need to make sure your partner is onboard using a sex toy during your play.

Let them know your interest in using a vibrator to add fun you’re already having. Vibes offer sensations that you can’t achieve manually, and they could increase physical excitement.

But you shouldn’t make it seem like you want to use it because they’re lacking or they have lackluster performance.

And if they’re not up for it? Respect their decision and let it go. You shouldn’t force someone to do something they’re uncomfortable with.

How Do You Choose The Best Vibrator?

Different strokes for different folks. And that is why there’s definitely a vibrator out there for you, regardless of what you like best.

First, you need to know which sensations you actually like and which could bring you to a Big O.

  • If playing with your clitoris gives you the most feel-good boost, go for clitoral vibrators.
  • If penetration gets you off, you’d love G-spot vibrators to stimulate your internal pleasure hotspot.
  • If you want something compact but packed with power, bullet vibrators are for you.
  • If you like dual stimulation of your G-spot AND clitoris, rabbit vibrators will massage you internally and externally.

From there, you can move on to determining other factors of getting your next vibrating best friend, like:

  • The material
  • Size
  • Noise levels
  • Water resistance
  • Extra features
  • Your budget


A sex toy like a vibrator lets you explore not only masturbation and orgasm but also a range of exciting sensations and pleasure points. With benefits from sexual pleasure to sexual wellness, there’s no reason not to check out your waiting shopping cart.

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