The Best Quotes From This Is Us Season 2, Episode 2: "A Manny-Splendored Thing"

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Typical Tuesday spent sobbing in the corner.

We laughed, we cried, we threw ourselves on the floor screaming, "It's not fair!" On the Tuesday, October 3, episode of This Is Us, we didn't get any more clues as to how Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) dies, but we did see more of his struggle to live. While Jack navigated how he would overcome alcoholism with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) by his side, Kevin (Justin Hartley) returned to The Manny, Kate (Chrissy Metz) battled with insecurities about being her mother's daughter (and got her first official singing gig!) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) Randall-ed out on Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) over the idea of fostering an older child. So, here they are: The best This Is Us quotes from season two, episode two, that left us in tears.

This Is Us Quotes | A Manny-Splendored Thing

Jeweler: "We have some lovely diamond solitaires." Jack: "No, no, no. Diamonds — diamonds are for anyone, ok? My wife is not anyone. You know Mary Tyler Moore?" Jeweler: "Sure." Jack: "The actress? Good. Ok, you know Farrah Fawcett?" Jeweler: [Chuckles] "Sure." Jack: "Good. Now if you smush them both together — that's my wife."

Kevin: "I really need tonight to go well. You know, I need to prove to everyone that I'm the bigger man, but like the funnier bigger man."

Randall: "It's just so comprehensive, and the questions are so personal. ‘Are you usually home from work by 6 p.m.?' ‘Do you spend time in nature?' ‘Are you sexually satisfied by your partner?' What the hell does that have to do with what kind of foster parent I'll be? What did you put for that one, by the way?" Beth: "I put, ‘Generally, yes, except when I want a quickie and my husband needs too much romancing.'"

Young Kate: "Dad, everything ok at work?" Jack: "Yeah. Yeah, just ah, my boss, he has a way of making it feel like a job sometimes." Young Kate: [Grabs his face] "It's gonna be ok."

Boxing gym owner: "Hey, you interested in training?" Jack: "Nah, I'm just keeping a promise to my wife."

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Kevin: "You know my brother doesn't attempt anything unless he's positive he'll succeed at it, right?" Beth: "I know it. I guess that's true." Kevin: "There was this one time — this one time his entire life. He was in college, he met this girl at a party — this really, really, like, badass dreadlock girl, who was, by the way, like, let's be honest, 17 times out of his nerdy, sweater-vested-wearing league. He had no shot in hell at her, but he asked her out anyway. He called her on the phone." Beth: "Good God, he was so nervous, he made me sweat." ... Kevin: "You know, Beth, that's the only time in my brother's entire life that he's actually risked failure. It's the only time. You know how hard that was for him? How scary that was for him? The man was terrified."

Rebecca: "What have I ever done?" Kate: "You existed. It's everything about you, mom. It's not just that you're beautiful or thin or that you have perfect pitch even when you talk. It's everything. And you wanted a daughter like you and I was never going to be you."

Rebecca: "You're my entire life, Kate. You know that? You and your brothers are my entire life. Kate, you were just my little girl, my little bug, in your own world. You're right, maybe I overdid it, maybe I pushed you too hard, maybe I did that."

Toby, to Rebecca: "But as much as I want you to like me, you need to know that I am Team Kate for life. That's the deal here. So I can't have you putting me in a position where I bring you to a show that she doesn't want you at and you can't ask me to side with you, ok? Because, Team Kate. Fo'eva. That's how this works."

Rebecca, to Kate: "So I've realized — I really like your fiancé."

Beth: "Our girls came out good, it's true, but we made them great. They make us great. We can do this. You and me, we can do anything."

Jack: "I have a drinking problem, and my father, he had a drinking problem, and I've kept that hidden from you guys because I didn't want you to know that about me. I really didn't want you to know that about me. But, you have to know, and— I'm sorry. I never wanted to disappoint you, but I have to be honest with you guys because I need you guys."

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