The Best Instagram Captions For Sorority Recruitment

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Sorority recruitment is here! It's a time for sisterhood, matching outfits, cute songs and — most importantly — scoping out your future little. Since recruitment is when each sorority sister wears her letters with pride and brags about how great her organization is all while inviting in new members, of course, posting about your sorority on Instagram is a must. Here are the best Instagram captions for sorority recruitment, so that you can stop worrying about what to caption your post and focus on getting to bid day!

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The Best Sorority Recruitment Instagram Captions

When you're trying to come up with an Instagram caption for your sorority recruitment photos, try one of these!

  • Your vibe attracts your tribe
  • Life is better in our letters
  • Individually unique, together complete
  • Whoever said letters don't matter never got to wear these
  • I wear my letters on my front because I know my sisters have my back
  • A love that has no words and just [two/three] letters
  • Friends change, guys leave, sisters are eternal
  • When others fail, sisters prevail
  • Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world. Give a girl a bid and she won't have to do it alone.
  • A girl should be three things: classy, fabulous and [your sorority]
  • First you're a part of it, then it becomes a part of you
  • Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you home.
  • You only live once, but if you live like us, that's enough
  • The best thing to hold onto in life is each other