Bachelor In Paradise Finale: Complete Recap Of Bachelor In Paradise, Every Couple & Finale Date

Bachelor in Paradise

The most dramatic season ever of Bachelor In Paradise is about to come to an end! Here's everything you need to know ahead of the season 4 finale, including when is the Bachelor In Paradise finale, a complete recap of this season of Bachelor In Paradise including every single couple and every single breakup, the latest on what happened between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson and who is still together from Bachelor In Paradise.

How To Watch The Bachelor In Paradise Finale

The Bachelor In Paradise finale will air on ABC Monday, September 11, at 8:00 p.m.

The two-hour finale will pick up where we left off, with host Chris Harrison asking to speak with each couple individually. (Spoiler alert: As he does at the end of each season of BIP, he's asking each couple whether they want to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite as their time in Paradise comes to an end.)

The official TV Guide episode description reads: "In the fourth-season finale, a rescued woman seeks another date with her savior; a man receives the unwelcome news that he's viewed only as an acquaintance; and a two-timer breaks a woman's heart as he seeks a second chance with the love he lost."

A Complete Recap Of Bachelor In Paradise Season 4


During the Bachelor In Paradise season 4 premiere, we started with 20 Bachelor and Bachelorette alums: Raven Gates, Dean Unglert, Danielle Maltby, Ben Zorn, Iggy Rodriguez, Jasmine Goode, Jack Stone, Alexis Waters, DeMario Jackson, Derek Peth, Alex Woytkiw, Corinne Olympios, Kristina Schulman, Lacey Mark, Vinny Ventiera, Diggy Moreland, Matt Munson, Nick Benvenutti, Amanda Stanton and Taylor Nolan. Wells Adams was the bartender and resident relationship guru.

Newcomer: Robby Hayes

Dates: Dean and Kristina, Robby and Raven, Matt and Jasmine

Everyone leaves Paradise before the rose ceremony to allow Warner Bros to investigate the Corinne and DeMario misconduct allegations (We'll get to that later.)


This episode opened with successful Bachelor In Paradise season 3 couple Carly Waddell and Evan Bass's wedding. After the wedding, the cast from the first episode, save Corinne and DeMario and including Lacey, returns to Paradise after Chris Harrison announces that Warner Bros concluded their investigation and found there was no misconduct on Bachelor In Paradise.

No dates, no newcomers, no roses, and no one eliminated.


Newcomer: Adam Gottschalk

Date: Adam and Raven

Roses Given: Taylor to Derek, Jasmine to Matt, Raven to Adam, Alexis to Jack Stone, Lacey to Diggy, Danielle M. to Ben Z, Kristina to Dean, Amanda to Robby

Eliminated this episode: Iggy, Alex, Vinny, Nick

Newcomer: Danielle Lombard

Date: Danielle L. and Dean


Newcomers: Sarah Vendal, Dominique Alexis

Dates: Sarah and Adam, Lacey and Diggy, Dominique and Diggy

Eliminated this episode: Danielle M. sends herself home

Love Triangles: Kristina - Dean - Danielle L.; Raven - Adam - Sarah; Lacey - Diggy - Dominique

The second half of this episode was an interview with DeMario Jackson, conducted by Chris Harrison to talk his side of the misconduct allegations. For more on that, see below.

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Newcomer: Christen Whitney

Date: Christen and Matt

Love Triangles: Jasmine - Matt - Christen; Raven - Adam - Sarah; Kristina - Dean - Danielle L.

Newcomer: Daniel Maguire


Roses Given: Daniel to Lacey, Jack Stone to Christen, Matt to Jasmine, Derek to Taylor, Robby to Amanda, Adam to Raven, Dean to Kristina, Ben Z to Danielle L.

Eliminated this episode: Matt sends himself home, Sarah, Alexis

Newcomer: Jonathan "Tickle Monster" Treece

Dates: Daniel and Lacey, Tickle Monster and Christen

Love Triangles: Kristina - Dean - Danielle L.

The second half of this episode was an interview with Corinne Olympios, conducted by Chris Harrison to talk her side of the misconduct allegations. For more on that, see below.


Newcomers: Blake Elbarbee, Fred Johnson

Dates: Blake and Christen, Fred and Dominique, Robby and Amanda

Roses Given: Lacey to Daniel, Taylor to Derek, Amanda to Robby, Raven to Adam, Dominique to Diggy, Jasmine to Tickle Monster, Christen to Jack Stone, Danielle L. to Dean

Eliminated this episode: Ben Z sends himself home, Kristina sends herself home, Blake, Fred


Newcomers: Jaimi King, Haley and Emily Ferguson

Date: Jaimi and Diggy

Love Triangle: Dominique - Diggy - Jaimi

Eliminated this episode: Haley and Emily send themselves home

And that's where we left off in Paradise, with the biggest storyline being Dean's love triangle with Kristina and Danielle L.

Everything That Happened Between Corinne And DeMario

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Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson were only in Paradise during the premiere episode, but their interactions became a major storyline throughout the season.

Shortly after the show began filming, Bachelor In Paradise production was suspended after a producer alleged that there had been misconduct between Corinne and DeMario after the two hit it off on day one of filming and got too close for comfort in the pool. The producer believed that they were too drunk to consent to the sexual acts.

Both contestants released statements shortly after the allegations became public. Corinne Olympios said: "I am a victim and have spent the last week trying to make sense of what happened on June 4th. Although I have little memory of that night, something bad obviously took place, which I understand is why production on the show has now been suspended and a producer on the show has filed a complaint against the production."

[DeMario Jackson's statement] read: "It's unfortunate that my character and family name has been assassinated this past week with false claims and malicious allegations. I will be taking swift and appropriate legal action until my name is cleared and, per the advice of legal counsel, will be seeking all available remedies entitled to me under the laws."

After conducting a comprehensive investigation into the matter, Warner Bros concluded that there was no misconduct and cleared Bachelor In Paradise to resume filming, with a few new rules.

During the premiere episode of Bachelor In Paradise, viewers did see Corinne and DeMario get close in the pool, while other cast members noted that the two were not shy about their risqué behaviors.

DeMario Jackson, who had been on the receiving end of sexual assault accusations from the media and viewers when the shutdown was announced, sat down with Chris Harrison for a tearful interview, during which he stated, "I know I'm not that monster they're trying to portray on TV." Still, no hard feelings toward Corinne, to whom he still had not spoken.

The following week, Corinne Olympios sat down with Chris Harrison and said that, because of a new medication she was taking, she had no recollection of that first day of filming. She, too, harbored no ill will toward DeMario, saying, "I don't blame DeMario. I never pointed fingers at DeMario."

Corinne and DeMario will come face-to-face for the first time during the live Bachelor In Paradise finale. It's safe to say the two are on good terms, as they were photographed kissing in Los Angeles after filming.

Which Bachelor In Paradise Couples Are Still Together?

With the finale comes the question: Which Bachelor In Paradise couples are still together?

Derek and Taylor are engaged, and the proposal will air during the finale.

Adam and Raven are still together and have taken the next step in their relationship — meeting the parents!