Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Questions Every "Ally McBeal" Fan Should Know?

How could you forget the dancing baby?

 Dec 08, 2016
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Question: 1/22Pick the right answer.

The name of the law firm Ally works at is ______.
Mansion and Rooster
Cage and Fish
Trap and Dolphin

Question: 2/22Pick the right answer.

On her first day of work at Cage and Fish, Ally finds she is working with her _______.
ex boyfriend
best friend

Question: 3/22Pick the right answer.

Ally's ex boyfriend is named _______.
John Cage
Billy Thomas
Richard Fish

Question: 4/22Pick the right answer.

Ally McBeal ad Billy Thomas had a relationship since they were ______ years old.

Question: 5/22Pick the right answer.

What city does Ally McBeal take place in?
Los Angeles

Question: 6/22Pick the right answer.

What hallucination represented Ally's maternal clock?
a fake pregnant belly
a time bomb
the dancing baby

Question: 7/22Pick the right answer.

What music played during the dancing baby scene?
Hooked on a Feeling
Don't Worry Baby

Question: 8/22Pick the right answer.

What celebrity sings at the bar visited frequently on the show?
Christina Aguilera
Vonda Shepard
Josh Groban

Question: 9/22Pick the right answer.

What are "Fishisms and Bygones?"
Richard Fish's mottos
Richard Fish's last law firm
Richard Fish's book title

Question: 10/22Pick the right answer.

What famous singer had a guest appearance on the show that jump started his career?
Michael Buble
Josh Groban
Harry Connick Jr.

Question: 11/22Pick the right answer.

The bathroom at the law firm was _____.
always broken
in a different building

Question: 12/22Pick the right answer.

Ally's ex boyfriend Billy was now married to _______.
Georgia Thomas
Ling Woo
Elaine Vassal

Question: 13/22Pick the right answer.

Georgia Thomas, Billy's wife, was a ________.
fellow lawyer
client of Ally's

Question: 14/22Pick the right answer.

Nelle Porter's nickname was ______.
Sub-Zero Nelle
Cold Stone Porter
Freezer Porter

Question: 15/22Pick the right answer.

Nelle Porter dates _______.
Ally McBeal
John Cage
Richard Fish

Question: 16/22Pick the right answer.

But John Cage gets feelings for ______.
Ally McBeal
Ling Woo
Vonda Shepard

Question: 17/22Pick the right answer.

Richard Fish marries ______.
Liza Bump
Ling Woo
Nelle Porter

Question: 18/22Pick the right answer.

What law school did Ally go to?
Harvard Law School

Question: 19/22Pick the right answer.

Billy Thomas dies of ______.
a brain tumor
car accident

Question: 20/22Pick the right answer.

Towards the send of the series, Ally finds out that she has a ______.
incurable disease
twin sister

Question: 21/22Pick the right answer.

In season 3, Ally is having sex with a man who works at a _____.
car wash

Question: 22/22Pick the right answer.

In the end of the series, Ally moves to ______ to be with her _______.
Chicago, boyfriend
New York City, daughter
Los Angeles, husband
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