Someone Has to Say It: Carrie Bradshaw Was the Ultimate Player


Hot take.... Carrie Bradshaw is bad.

Sex and the City is one of my favorite favorite shows centered around a character that I totally hate and literally think is the worst. I don't want to call her an anti-hero, which the New Yorker has, I just want to say flat out that she is obnoxious.

First of all, she is not a good friend, dare I even say she is a bad friend. Between Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, she is CLEARLY the most selfish person of the group. Has Carrie ever gone out of her way to help someone? No. Remember that episode where she needs to buy her apartment asap (BC SHE CHEATED ON AIDEN AND NOW HAS TO GET IT FROM HIM) but has no money? And no one wants to offer her money because of her raging shoe addiction? And then she gets mad at Charlotte for not offering her 30K, and essentially demands that Charlotte pawns her wedding ring to support Carrie's lifestyle? Oh yeah, she also goes to the bank and demands a loan because she's single.

How is that behavior normal?! It's not! Selfish!!!

Anna Breslaw told Cosmopolitan Magazine that Carrie Bradshaw is "the kind of impossibly self-absorbed, cutesy, un-self-aware woman whose view of the world—and her place in it—hasn't changed since she was maybe 15."

True. She runs around town in a tutu, having bad relationships, ignoring her friends yet constantly demanding attention and advice, and essentially doing whatever she wants.

My thesis is this:


Here is why Carrie Bradshaw is very very bad.

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She Has Grandiose Demands

Have you ever noticed that Carrie seems to go on one date with someone and immediately fall into a relationship? Or it goes from meet-cute to, this is the man of my dreams? Maybe it's because she spills out her internal monologue to her laptop, but in my humble opinion, that girl has major codependency and attachment issues.

Remember when she demanded Mr. Big tell her that she's the one? Imagine looking at a guy and being like "tell me right now that I am your soulmate."

Has she ever been alone for like, 5 minutes? I know dating and writing about it is practically her job, but like, maybe write an article about dating yourself for a month or something? Girl keeps making men her priority and she starts comin off needy as hell.

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She Picks Unavailable Men

And she tries to force relationships that aren't working, and she pits men against each other. For gods sake- Berger didn't like you and Mr. Big was a commitmentphobe from Hell!

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She Only Cares About Herself

How about the time she invited Mr. Big, the guy she cheated on Aiden with, to Aiden's country house, so that they could all hang out together? Literally imagine if a guy did that to you. Hey- let's go on a romantic weekend away together. And is it okay if my side chick comes with us? Thanks.


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She's Entitled

Like when she cheats on Aiden, and then demands to be forgiven. Or when she lets Amalita, her "rich" foreign escort(?) friend buy her shoes on her boyfriend's dime. Or when she has an engagement party because she is marrying...herself.

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Literally When Has She Ever Compromised

Tell me one time when Carrie has ever met anyone half way. Or anything close.

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She thinks she can get away with wearing this? What insane amount of confidence does a person have to have to think that they can wear this kind of stuff but still be loved? It reminds me of those pick up artists (remember Mystery, anyone?) who go out wearing cowboy hats and scarves and calls it "peacocking."


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Are men people, or are men accessories? Feeling a little bit unclear about it. Because to me, it seems like Carrie doesn't want anything stable. Seems like she's just looking for an adrenaline rush.

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"I like you so we should spend less time together and also I don't like labels so I will say I will marry you but I will wear the engagement ring around my neck and also throw up at the idea of spending a lifetime with you."


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Doesn't Say What She Means

Lose my number! I hate you! But... please follow me to Paris and save me because I actually am in love with you!

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Is a v. v. Bad Writer

She is... question?

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It's Carrie's world, and you're just living in it. When Carrie cheated on Aiden with Mr. Big, she gave zero f*cks. Did she think about Natasha either? Nope. In fact, she literally stalked her and demanded attention, even though Natasha was not having it. That's the thing with Carrie, she demands attention when she wants it, but expects her space when she needs it too. Her way or the highway! The worst!

Or the time that she breaks her own laptop and then blames Aiden for trying to help her.

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Desperately Needs A Reality Check

When she's late to her own photo shoot hungover and without makeup and asks to smoke a cigarette during it and then freaks out about the results.

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Does Not Care About Her Friends

For ex/ when Miranda is naked on the floor of her bathroom because she threw out her back and she sends Aiden to go check on her instead of being a normal good friend and going herself.

Or when she gets mad at Charlotte for not pawning her wedding ring to buy her apartment because Carrie couldn't afford it herself because she spent all her money on shoes.

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She's A Flake/Wishy Washy

  • like when she wears Aiden's engagement ring as a necklace

  • or when she tells Aiden she doesn't want to meet his parents, but then shows up to breakfast with them unexpectedly

  • or when she shows up to church and demands Big introduce her to HIS parents

  • or when she stands up her own book party in France to support The Russian at his art opening

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In Conclusion

Is Carrie Bradshaw the worst?

Yes. Yes she is.