Kids On Christmas Bringing The LOL's

santa, Consent

Some of these kids are on the naughty list for sure.

Here are all the funniest pictures, tweets, and videos of children experiencing the best time of year-- Christmas.

Uhhh yeah, I'd be afraid of that Santa too.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

When you hate your boyfriend SO much for like 15 seconds.

Me when it's time to go back to work after Christmas vacation.

When you're the one friend who's not sad drunk.

When the paparazzi try to take your photo and you're not wearing any makeup.

When your friend is crying and you can't help but laugh.

Whole squad didn't get into the club.

I feel so bad for all the ornaments I broke as a child.

Tbh, McDonald's sounds way better.

Soooo true

You might as well be putting your kids to work, right?

And last but not least, Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present!!

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