I GET MY PERIOD: How To Keep Tampons At Your Man's Place


He needs to have a trash can in his bathroom too.

I once dated a guy who didn't keep trash cans in any of his bathrooms. He also told me he had horrible plumbing. Getting my period at his house left me paralyzed with fear. What the hell was I supposed to do with my used tampons? What happened if [I leaked out of my tampon?](Why Do I Leak Out Of My Tampon?(https://www.women.com/laurawagner/lists/why-do-i-leak-out-of-my-tampon) Well, I'll tell you what I did. I'd wrap them up and put them in my purse until I found a trash can. Usually I'd throw them away in restaurant bathrooms when we'd finally go out to eat. The lack of space for me and my feminine hygiene products in his apartment had turned me into "tampons in purse girl."

Gross, I know.


How do you have the very intimate conversation of telling your significant other that you need space to keep feminine hygiene products at his apartment? Thankfully, most guys are cool about this. If you're dating an adult (I mean this emotionally, obviously-- hopefully you're dating an adult or else we'll have to call the cops on you) he's been in other relationships before. He's dealt with periods. He knows what they're all about.

Plus, he's having sex with you. It's like when you sign up for the annual pass to Disneyland. You might get access to all your favorite rides in the park for a year at the discounted price, but you still have to deal with some lame things like long lines and screaming kids. For men, your period is the long line and toddler tantrum of your vagina. But guess what--he's signed up for it.

Here's How To Do It

  • Hide some tampons in his medicine cabinet. Most likely, he won't notice.

  • Tell him "you should really get a small trash can for your bathroom" or say "a small trash can would look really good in here." Appealing to his aesthetics could help.

  • Be straight forward and say: "Hey, don't be surprised when you open your drawer. I'm leaving a few tampons in there."

  • Buy him a trash can for his birthday or other gift giving holiday. You're welcome honey!

  • Buy a cute little case/box, put tampons in it. Put said case somewhere in the bathroom that is out of his way. He won't even know there are tampons in there. Could be makeup or a toothbrush.

At the end of the day, you're both adults. You've had sex ed, you've had sex. If this is someone you're seeing seriously, most likely you're going to go through things a lot more serious that your MONTHLY period. So just tell your boo: hey, I'm gonna start keeping some things here for my convenience.

And then just do it, girl.