Amazing DIY Hacks That Will Keep Even The Worst Hoarder Organized


Use an ice cube tray to organize jewelry.

1. Use a wine bottle for a bracelet stand!


Have empty wine bottles? Of course you do. When you're done having that girl's night in, save the bottles of chardonnay and use them for cute, festive bracelet or necklace stands!

2. Or a wine rack for a towel holder!


And while we're going along with that wine theme, wine racks actually make great towel holders for your bathroom too!

3. Use a shoe rack in your pantry!


Shoe-a-holic too? Well, a shoe organizer can actually be a perfect place to store snacks in your pantry!

4. Organize Your Cords with Toilet Paper Rolls!


You can decorate the rolls, and label the cords as well!

5. Have pipe dreams?


Turn a PVC pipe into a handy dandy holder for all your beauty tools. (I know I just throw my blow dryer on the ground)

6. Too much nail polish?


Keep all your nail polish in a cookie jar to stay organized.

7. Need a place to store makeup brushes?


Put coffee beans in an old vase, and stick your makeup brushes right in!

8. Always loosing bobby pins?


Keep them in an old mint container!

9. Messy car?


Use an old cereal container for a trash can.

10. Organize your sink!


Put a rod under your sink to organize your cleaning supplies!

11. Organize your desk!


Use a spice rack to organize your desk supplies!

12. Label your Electrical Outlets!

Bushel & a Peck

Use milk or bread tags to label your electrical outlets, so you don't get confused between the TV and your lamp ever again!

13. Have a ton of old VHS tapes?


Turn them into hidden storage areas!

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