10 Words We Shouldn't Use When Talking About Women


Instead of bossy, let's use leadership skills

1. Smile More!


We'll smile as much as we want. Or not smile.

2. Bitchy


It's a compliment, actually. So thank you very much.

3. Nag


When a man asks for something to be done, is he nagging? Noooooooooooo (taking a breath) ooooooooooope.

4. Needy


There's a difference between being needy, and having needs. Actually, I don't think there's a difference. How about women are allowed to have needs, and whatever they are, it's okay!

5. Bossy


She's not bossy, she has leadership skills, and she is a BOSS.

6. Calling adult women "girls"


Would you ever call a full grown man a boy? Nope. We are women. The above is what a girl looks like. We don't do that. (Unless we are at the club with our friends and we've had too many drinks)

7. Crazy


Having emotions isn't crazy! That time I keyed your car, now THAT was crazy!

8. Ugly


No. Such. Thing

9. Hysterical


Let me guess- a woman showed some form of emotion or had some sort of variation in her tone and now she's hysterical?


10. The "C" Word

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Don't even think about it.

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