Quiz: Can We Guess What Care Bear You Actually Are?

care bear

There’s always a lot happening in the Kingdom of Caring and the Forest of Feelings, but which member of the Care Bear Stare do you best identify with? Take our quiz and find out!

Take this personality to see which Care Bear (stuffed animal and movie) your personality matches best!

 Mar 25, 2016
1 of 10What would you do...
If you saw a stranger crying alone?
Keep walking but only because you wouldn't want to be bothered
Give them a hug
Ignore it altogether
2 of 10How do you react when...
you and your superior at work are in disagreement?
I would celebrate the similarities between our ideas
I would get upset and tell my boss why I'm right
I would let my boss get their way
3 of 10Choose one:
Which treat do you want most?
Sour Patch Kids
4 of 10Choose one:
You favorite childhood book
Green Eggs and Ham
Good Night Moon
Where The Wild Things Are
5 of 10Choose one:
How do you express your affection to loved ones?
Telling them I love them
By being positive and happy around them
Helping the with problems
6 of 10Choose one:
What's your favorite shape?
7 of 10Choose one:
Where would you like to travel?
8 of 10Choose one:
In your friend group, you're the __ one.
9 of 10Choose one:
Which adjective describes you as a girlfriend?
10 of 10Choose one:
What's your favorite animal?
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