Quiz: Can You Ace Dining Etiquette?

manners, dining, food & drinks

"The test of good manners is to be patient with bad ones."

Take this quiz on dining etiquette and see if you have no manners or if you were clearly paying attention in Cotillion.

 Mar 22, 2016
1 of 10Choose one:
Where are your water and wine glasses located?
Directly above your plate
Toward the LEFT of your plate
Toward the RIGHT of your plate
2 of 10Choose one:
Which fork do you use first?
The fork NEAREST to your plate
Whichever fork I feel like
The fork FURTHEST from your plate
3 of 10Choose one:
In which direction are things passed?
thrown across to whomever needs it
4 of 10Choose one:
As soon as everyone in the room sits down, unfold your napkin and
set it next to your water glass
wipe your mouth
place it on your lap
5 of 10Choose one:
Finish this phrase: "Keep your __ off the table!"
cell phone
6 of 10Choose one:
Does the 5-second rule apply?
No, it's a 25-second rule.
Absolutely not. Leave it on the floor and watch your step.
7 of 10Choose one:
If a woman stands to leave the table, what should the men do?
Rise with her
Holler at her to sit back down
8 of 10Choose one:
Is it okay to belch during a meal?
Only once
Only after the first course
9 of 10Choose one:
Where does your napkin go when you're done eating?
To the right of your plate
On top of your plate
To the left of your plate
10 of 10Choose one:
Which utensils are placed above your plate?
steak utensils
salad utensils
dessert utensils
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