Quiz: Are You Financially Literate?


Only 15% of Americans can pass this Financial Literacy quiz... are you among the elite?

Take this quiz to see how financially literate you are or if there are financial terms that you have not yet learned.

 Mar 18, 2016
1 of 7Choose wisely:
Which of these is a fixed asset?
An office building that you own
Your car that you leased
The muffins you sell at your bakery
2 of 7Choose wisely:
Which is the best definition for "overhead"?
Expenses that can't be attributed to a single part of company activities.
The amount of people who work in the chain-of-command.
The expenses that increase the sales for your company.
3 of 7Choose wisely:
The profit you make from an investment is described as the:
Share Capital
ROI (return on investment)
ROCE (return on capital employed)
4 of 7Choose wisely:
What is arbitrage?
Investing in illegal activity.
Buying something and then selling it for a higher price.
Offering something at a lower value than your cost.
5 of 7Choose wisely:
Finish this phrase: "For every credit,
your asset value raises."
your credit score is weakened."
there must be a debit."
6 of 7Choose wisely:
Which of these is not a classified type of market?
A Bull Market
A Balloon Market
A Bear Market
7 of 7Choose wisely:
Which of these is priority debt?
Unpaid water bill
Unpaid rent
Unpaid credit card
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