World-Class Metallica Groupie: Margot Robbie

margot robbie
ET Online

Margot Robbie swings by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to reveal her secret obsession with heavy metal.

Last night, the world met the hottest Metallica groupie there ever was.

Margot Robbie joined Jimmy Fallon on his late show to promote the 400 things she is working on right now. When Jimmy casually reminded her that she was in studio with her childhood favorite, Metallica, she basically lost her shit. See the clip below.

Apparently, Robbie has been a fan since she was a kid. She spilled the beans to Fallon, saying: ""I had a real heavy metal phase when I was 14, and I dyed my hair black, and I only cut it with a razor blade, and I only wore band shirts, and only listened to the heaviest of heavy metal."

She then detailed other bands she is rather fond of like Slipknot and Bullet for my Valentine (just to name a few). She described her experience at a Slipknot concert as, "incredible to watch" and said they were indeed amazing performers.

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