Voice Alum Melanie Martinez Unveils "Cry Baby" Perfume Milk

melanie martinez

Warning: not for consumption.

Step aside, Cassadee Pope! Melanie Martinez is making new waves among The Voice alum.

Exclusively revealed through a commercial starring the singer, Melanie Martinez released the news that she is busting into the beauty world. The new fragrance creator named the perfume after her new album titled, Cry Baby.


In a statement to Billboard, Melanie said: "The idea for this perfume has been cultivating in my brain since the moment I finished writing my album." The signature scent is composed of a blend of spicy AND sugary scents including burnt caramel and deep woods. The young artist described the scent as "nostalgic and sweet."

When it comes to the actual name, "Cry Baby Perfume Milk," Melanie was simply inspired by the shape of the bottle. She has always played along with a "warped childhood aesthetic" and loved the idea of the baby bottle. The bottle itself looks like a vintage baby bottle, and yes, the fragrance sprays on clear.

Uniquely enough, this will be the very first fragrance to be distributed by a record label. Melanie is signed with Atlantic Records and their VP of Marketing, Nina Webb, described the experience saying, "To be able to work with an artist like Melanie who has built such a loyal and passionate fan base is always the ultimate dream in artist development. Melanie's fans love and trust what she delivers, so we were excited to bring her vision to life."

Just in time for the holiday season, Cry Baby Perfume Milk will be available in stores and online at www.crybabybottle.com on December 19, 2016.

See the commercial for yourself below and share it with your friends who will surely be buying it!