Mopey Homeless Puppy Feels Joy For The First Time

Little Things

See how one man changes a homeless puppy's life forever.

Nobody likes the thought of a homeless puppy. When we think of puppies, we like to think of the slobbery fluffballs that won't stop pulling on our shoelaces and falling asleep in silly places. In reality, it's important to remember that not all puppies have a warm, cozy place to call home. Some puppies are alone, lost and scavenging for their next meal.

While it is entirely heartbreaking to realize that this really happens in our dog-loving world, it's important to remember the happy endings. This little puppy was terrified, depressed and all by herself wandering outside in the cold. One man happened to be walking around in the area she was staying when he noticed how adorably friendly she was. Naturally, he couldn't resist... he had to take her home!

After deliberation, he understood that he could not keep the dog; however, he knew that it was important for her to find a nice, loving family to care for his new little pal. With the help of animal control, he was able to find the perfect place for her.

Some may call it coincidence, but others call it fate. These two were destined to cross paths on this day so that he could find her a family to love. When you look at how happy she was the first time he pet her, it's pretty clear that there was nothing but happiness and joy pouring out of this little one.

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