Man Thinks Puppy Is Dead Until He Sees Her Blink

Miracles Journey

It's amazing what a little prayer can do.

"The poor little dog blinked at him."

Miracles Journey

Unfortunately, it has happened to all of us. We're driving down the road one morning, when we see an animal on the side of the road. It gives us a sick feeling in our stomach and we wish we didn't look, right? Well, that's what happened to David Loop.

Last week, Grace Eire from Little Things had the chance to talk to Loop about a miracle he witnessed. According to Eire, David said he was driving down the road when he noticed a lifeless, small white dog lying on the side of the road. Immediately, he assumed she was dead but he wanted to turn around to move her away from oncoming cars out of respect.

Once he got to her, he felt it natural to say a small prayer before moving her. He said he stood up to go back to his car when he noticed something miraculous: the poor little dog blinked at him.

Hurriedly, Loop ran to his car in search of blankets so that he could swaddle her up to keep her warm. It was clear she was in pain, so he did whatever he could to make her comfortable. He then drove to an emergency vet where she was put under 24-hour supervision and hooked up to an IV.

2 days later, she had been in a coma-like state when David prayed for a sign on whether or not he should let this dog, who he was calling "Miracle," continue to suffer. Later that afternoon, he took a visit to see her.

Miracles Journey

It was a true miracle. She had pulled herself out of her coma, and was awake and fully alert. Overnight, she had taken a 180 degree turn in the right direction. While it was clear that her recovery process was still a long road ahead, Loop realized that there would surely be a happy ending.

After several surgeries on her injuries from the accident, Loop got to take his little Miracle home with him. Still keeping a constant eye on her, he realized something was wrong. She wasn't eating, she had diarrhea and her gums had turned a whitish color which is a sign something is definitely wrong.

Miracles Journey

After further care, Miracle fought her sickness and came out even stronger on the other side. Eire reported that Miracle is living a very happy, healthy life with Loop and that her transformation is truly remarkable.

This story goes to show that you never know when your life is about to change. David Loop was just on another morning drive, and had he not stopped, he wouldn't have been able to witness this true miracle... or meet his new best friend :)

Miracles Journey