Kim Kardashian Silently Returns To Social

kim kardashian, selfie
Marie Claire

Post-robbery, Kim has been silent across all of her channels... until today.

The queen is back! Or so we thought...

Just when we got our hopes up for Kim's return to social media, it seems as though she was just doing a bit of autumn cleaning.

The E! reality star has been completely MIA on all of her social media channels since she was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel flat 10 days ago. Her unconventional silence has sparked a major wave of curiosity among her fans, causing them to pay extremely close attention to her every move.

Today, Kardashian fans were shocked when they saw some movement on her Twitter account. The accounts she follows on Twitter dropped by 14 people... none of which were her family members or close friends.

What's interesting is that 1. this is her first social media interaction since the incident and 2. how closely her fans are watching her. According to E!, Kim is still paranoid when she is alone. The source, who claimed to be close to husband Kanye West, detailed that she "has been having flashbacks and has not been sleeping well."

Postponing her entire professional life, Kim has been completely in hiding. She has canceled upcoming appearances and events until January 13, 2017, which is a rescheduled event with Makeup By Mario according to his Instagram.


While all of this is very scary, we are sending our best wishes to Kim and her loved ones... annnndddd secretly hoping we'll get a #selfie soon because, let's admit it, we all miss her!