Julia Roberts Is Forever Young

julia roberts

Happy 49th Birthday To Our Favorite Muse, Julia Roberts.

Every year, Julia Roberts gets another year older and every year we wonder how she still looks SO. DAMN. GOOD.


Since the days she stole our hearts as Vivian, to her most recent role in Mother's Day, Julia has a way of capturing the hearts and souls of everyone that sees her.

This year, she wanted to share with us what she will be wishing for. This past weekend, Roberts was attending an event in Los Angeles for GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) when she was asked what she will be wishing for this year. Julia told the reporter, "It is my pleasure every year to support GLSEN. I love this night. I told the kids backstage that this is like my third favorite night of the year - and one and two, but don't tell anyone." Later on, she continued by saying, "But one of the three nights might be my birthday, which is next Friday. If you wake up next Friday and think, what should I get Julia for her birthday, then donate to GLSEN. I'm going to be 49, so a $49.00 donation would be great. Thank you."

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So there you have it. You now know EXACTLY what to get when you finally get that long-awaited birthday invite to Julia's 49th bday bash.

While you're waiting, you can go ahead and make Julia's birthday fantastic by making a $49.00 donation to GLSEN in her name.

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