kendi skeen, instagram
instagram: @kendieveryday

Today's "It Girl" is Instagrammer Kendi Skeen.

You know, there's always a few accounts on instagram you really cannot get enough of. Instagrammers provide an escape, utility, often daily inspiration.

Today's It Girl has an account that will have you checking back for more on the regular. We're here to show you seven reasons why you should be following Kendi Skeen.

1. Her tote game is unreal

instagram: @kendieveryday

When it comes to totes and handbags, Kendi isn't selecting your average cognac crossbody. Her accessories closet is full of bright, witty purses that will have you second-guessing your Madewell black leather tote.

2. She just gets it

instagram: @kendieveryday

Unlike other instagram-famous gals, Kendi isn't about that #TurnUp life. She's keeping it real, showing you that it's 100% A-O-K to spend your Saturday night in a warm tub of bubbles sipping on some discount wine from the market down the street. Real life isn't bottle service every weekend, am I right!?

3. She'll teach you how to do the whole "casual cute" thing

instagram: @kendieveryday

Kendi's closet is practically dream-worthy. She's the queen of combining things us mortals would never think to pair together, and making it look downright fantastic. She shows you that yes, you CAN wear your fav white tee with leather and embellishments and still look chic as hell.

4. She shamelessly loves pink as much as you do

instagram: @kendieveryday

Listen, every girl still loves pink. We tend to reach for the pale pinks and mauves in an effort to blend in with society, BUT WHY? Girl, buy that pastel top! Rock that hot pink skirt! Choose the pink glitter shellac. You deserve glam, too.

5. She's full of new ideas

instagram: @kendieveryday

You know those days when you and your partner want to do something cool but have, like, zero ideas? Kendi is here to save the day with some ideas for the less creative-minded folk.

6. She shares her (honest) beauty faves

instagram: @kendieveryday

So many accounts are plastered with #ads and it can get seriously annoying. Does the girl really LOVE that tea as much as she says? Does she even use that shampoo? You never know when it's an ad. Thankfully, Kendi peppers her instagram with real-life posts about her favorite products. So thank you, Kendi, for keeping us sane.

7. She helps you with #adulting

instagram: @kendieveryday

Adulting is a real thing and it's really hard. There are things like jobs, relationships, apartments, bills and responsibilities that are quite obnoxious. Kendi wants to help, so she posts amazing things like this to help us get our sh*t together.