How To Stay Safe As A Woman Walking At Night

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How To Stay Safe As A Woman Walking At Night

When it comes to safety, there is nothing really that makes women feel more vulnerable than walking alone at night. However, while staying safe at night is a constant worry for women, there are a few simple and effective things we can do as women to help stay safe. There aren't any rulebooks for how you should act in certain situations. Sometimes, it's better to be more prepared so that you are able to combat any situation you are placed in.

Women's Safety 101:

The following five tips will help you feel safer, stronger and more confident as a woman walking alone at night.

1. Lose The Headphones

When you're walking alone, it's important to be aware of your surroundings. When you're listening to music, it can be easy for someone to approach you without you noticing.

2. Hold Your Keys Between Your Knuckles

Holding your keys between your knuckles provides you with access to an easy weapon if needed. Bonus: you sort of look like that guy from X-Men!

3. Carry A Whistle With You

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This may seem strange, but a whistle can be extremely helpful if you're in a scary situation. The whistle allows you to make a ton of screeching noise so that everyone nearby knows that something is wrong.

4. Wear Flat Shoes

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If you work in a corporate office and are often wearing high heels, it's important to keep a pair of flat shoes in your bag for commuting. Flat shoes allow you to make swifter movements and make it easier to run if necessary.

5. Take Basic Self-Defense Classes

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Whether you take it from a nearby community college or you solicit and old friend who knows karate, it's important to learn some form of self-defense so that you are always ready in case someone were to try and harm you.

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