How To Break Free If Your Hands Are Bound with Duct Tape

how to break free from duct tape escape

The simple steps for how to escape duct tape

Back in 2016, Reshareworthy shared a how-to video that went insanely viral.

In the video, a former CIA agent named Jason Hanson demonstrates how to break free if your hands are taped together with duct tape. With recent scares like the robbery that happened to Kim Kardashian West in Paris, men and women alike are preparing themselves to have these skills just in case they were ever in danger.

During the presentation, Hanson details that holding your hands above your head and thrusting your arms down is the best way to free yourself from the tape. He attributes the reasoning to the "lateral stress" from the movement of swinging your hands down on the cross section of the tape.

Additionally, Hanson says that this technique is successful with zip ties. The key here is to "give it all you got" and slam your hands down as quickly as possible to break free.

3 Important Things To Do If Your Hands are Bound with Duct Tape

  1. Simply raise your arms over your head, as far as you can, with your palms pressed together
  2. In a quick movement, swing your arms down while pulling your hands apart
  3. The swift movement causes the duct tape to tear and should allow you to escape

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