Every Winc Delivery Feels Like A Birthday Present


There's nothing more fun than seeing a package on your doorstep.

Drinking wine can be a form of therapy for me. You've had a long day at work, the kids are screaming, the house is a mess, your partner is out for a work dinner that night -- it's chaos, really. Then, you stop for a moment and remember you have a treat. You have a brand new, unopened bottle of wine that is begging to be sipped (or gulped) while you process how you're going to handle the rest of the night.

When I think about drinking wine, I think about three things:

  1. The Taste: Whether I'm drinking a deep red and waiting for the flavor to encompass my taste buds or I'm drinking a crisp white that will remind me of summer, it's always exactly what I'm looking for (and need) in that moment.

  2. The Aroma: there's nothing quite as lovely as the tart smell of wine being poured into a glass. Sometimes you smell fruit, sometimes you smell flowers, sometimes it's a wonderful mixture of it all.

  3. The Next Glass: let's be real... once I dive into that first glass and taste how wonderful it is, the only thing on my mind is the next glass. Recently, one of my friends who loves wine just as much as I do recommended that I try a personal wine delivery service called Winc.

At first, I was hesitant. What if they send me wines I don't like? What if they are too expensive or don't deliver on time? Finally, I caved and decided to give it a go. So, I went to Winc.com to check it out. Immediately, I was impressed by their site. It was easy to use, very intuitive and every step was very clear.

First, I took their Palate Profile quiz. This step was about six questions, all asking about my taste preferences. When it comes to wine, the sweeter the better in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the end of my survey and they hit the nail right on the head by suggesting fruity Moscato and Riesling wines. On top of perfectly matching me up with the wine I like, Winc game me an amazing new member discount! $20 Off plus complimentary shipping!

Before I knew it, I had my confirmation that my wine was on its way!

The Arrival Time Blew My Expectations!


Later that week, I was surprised by a knock at my door with my personalized wine delivery.

I had ordered two sweet wines for myself, one Rosé for he and I to share, and then a new Pinot Noir for my fiance, since he loves to try new things. That night, he was out so I decided to treat myself to the Moscato. Netflix and Moscato should be a thing!

I was pleasantly surprised with how well the bottles were packed -- snug and neatly arranged so that when I opened the box, it felt like opening a special birthday present. The labels were beautiful and the presentation was clean. I was even happier because I immediately knew that each of these bottles was unique in its own way. I definitely would have chosen these for myself at the store.

Since my first delivery, I've been a regular customer each month. I love that it's no hassle, no commitment and so easy to use. This gives me peace of mind knowing that if I'm short on cash one month, I can easily skip a month anytime. Another thing I love is the price. Winc's wine recommendations start at $13 a bottle. So for $52, I get four bottles of wine that would have easily cost me double that if I bought them at the store.

Before Winc, I was either over-spending on bottles I didn't love OR settling for the sale section at Trader Joes because I didn't want to spend the time to learn about the wondrous world of wine. I'd stopped trying new brands and settled into two or three that I knew I would enjoy. Now, I'm learning more about the types of wine, getting to know my taste buds, and having delicious (and necessary) wine delivered to my house every month. I never knew how much I could enjoy learning about, tasting and enjoying wine. Thank you, Winc, for opening my mind and making me more curious!


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