Calvin Harris Is Ready To Air Dirty Laundry

calvin harris

Calvin Harris is finally ready to talk dirty details regarding his split with Taylor Swift.

We all know they're never, ever getting back together but we still want the deets am I right?

It's been a hot minute since Tay jumped shimp from her relationship with Calvin, but we're all still begging for answers about WHAT HAPPENED? Luckily for us, Alex Carr has announced that he will be doing a celebrity show on Channel 4 and his first celeb guest is Calvin Harris himself.

Apparently, Carr is working on a piece that involves following celebrities around in their day-to-day life. The 40-year-old British reporter is excited about this new venture and ready to expose some secrets about the Calvin/Taylor split.

A source recently told The Sun that "Alan is really excited bout getting his new project off the ground. The idea is that he will travel round the world meeting all sorts of A-list stars, spend quality time with them and show a different side to viewers, while finding out some secrets."

When speaking about Harris specifically, the source detailed that Carr had traveled to Las Vegas to film the dj. "He went out to Vegas recently where Calvin does his nightclub residency and did some filming with him. It was only a test run and the format is in its early stages of development, so it's yet to be decided whether the Calvin stuff will make the screen, but it was a good start."

This celebrity guest could be major for Carr given that his most recent project Chatty Man did not fare too well. Bringing on a huge celebrity with fan bases both domestically and internationally should prove successful for the host. People love seeing celebrities in their natural habitat, and Swifties are undoubtedly dying to hear what Calvin has to say about his former fling...💔