7 Reasons Why Pets Are The Best Gift You Can Give Your Family


There's really nothing better than a furry best friend.

1. They are natural mood boosters!


Studies have shown that spending some time with your pooch can calm you down in as little as 15 minutes. To put some science behind it, it has been proven that spending time with your pup surges your dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain. Dogs have been known to reduce stress and increase happiness, thus increasing your mood altogether!

2. They give you a better heart... FUR real!


When you have a dog, you're naturally inclined to pet them while you're snuggling. Many studies have proven that petting/stroking their fur actually lowers your blood pressure. By spending some QT with your pal, you're decreasing the risk of dozens of different cardiovascular illnesses. Everybody wants their family members to have a healthy heart, right?

3. They are sniffle protectors!


If you can't decide what to get the little ones, look no further! Several research studies have shown that children who have a dog in the household have a lower risk of developing eczema and develop fewer allergies to the dander found in pet fur.

4. They are the most natural medicine!


When someone is feeling under the weather, dogs have been known to boost their owner's spirits and have them on their feet in no time. Having a dog around keeps you alert, active and pushing your way toward the recovery finish line.

5. They are your personal warning sign!


If you have a family member with a disability, having a dog around can give everyone peace of mind. Service dogs can be trained as companions for your family member. They will know the signs to look for when something is going wrong, and more importantly, they will know what to do to alert someone to get help.

6. They make excellent security guards!


If you have family or friends that live on their own, it might make everyone feel safer if there was a dog around! Pups are so loyal that they often keep guard while their owner is sleeping, making sure that no harm could ever come their way.

7. They bring out your social butterfly!


Having a dog will convince any person to be more social. Whether that means heading to the dog park after work or signing up for a pet-friendly 5K, pet owners are destined to meet their like-minded counterparts! Keeping social promotes a healthy lifestyle for both the owner and the pet... it's a win/win!