17 Times Grey's Anatomy Doctors Were Hotter IRL


Sit back, relax and understand the perfection behind every member of the Grey's Anatomy dream team.

1. When you really wished Kelly invited you on her hike…

2. Jerrika AKA Stephanie Edwards gave us MAJOR selfie goals.

3. When 007 posted this picture of him with a guide dog

4. When Chyler AKA Lexie looked every kind of rocker chic

5. When you remembered every reason you fell for Izzie.

6. When Caterina snapped this photo, proving she is an actual angel.

7. When Sandra posted this & gave a whole new definition to "candid."

8. When this post happened & you realized Justin is your "ideal guy"

9. When Sara Ramirez SCHOOLED our side eye game.

10. When Patrick gave you every reason not to skip your Soul Cycle class.

11. That time Camilla showed you what flawless actually is.

12. When Eric showed you Mark Sloan + cute baby perfection

13. When you saw this and realized a slumber party w/ Kate is a RL goal.

14. When Sarah posted this throwback and you actually saw "the light"

15. When this was posted & #Avery fangirls went weak in the knees

16. When Jessica showed us how to properly ROCK a baby bump…

17. No caption necessary.


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