13 Times Karev Should've Been Moved Out Of The #FriendZone

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Three cheers for #MERLEX. <3

1. That time they had this conversation.

And you felt a single tear fall from your left eye.

2. When Meredith panicked over moving on from Derek...

and Alex was there in person getting protective AF.

3. When he said this

and you shivered a little, because you knew it was totally true.

4. When this scene happened and you immediately broke down smile-crying.

BC WHO ELSE WOULD SHE CHOOSE?! Nobody. That's who.

5. During this playful foreshadowing of their perfect friendship-to-be.

(When Alex was still sort of a mega-douche but you liked his style.)

6. When his concern for Meredith made your heart bubble over, like pasta noodles boiling.


7. When he was there holding her when she couldn't do anything.

And you turned into goopey mush on the hospital floor.

8. When Alex gave Meredith exactly what she needed.


9. This time when he really took their hug seriously.

10. And then this adorably perfectly playful hug that gave us butterflies.

11. And don't forget this hug.

The hug where Meredith just really needed Alex, at that very moment.

12. Finally, this hug. When It was clear that Alex was the tube holding Meredith afloat.


13. And most importantly, when Meredith was terrified about everything,

but knew that no matter what, Alex was never going anywhere.