How To Be Alone (And Be Totally Ok With It)

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Being alone isn't natural for humans because we are social animals -- but it is imperative that we learn to be ok when we are alone. Here are the 12 activities that are great at teaching you how to be alone (and not bored out of your mind)

1. Actually learn a new skill

Think about something that you've always wanted to try, but never really found the time. Take a moment to remember that kickboxing class you never took or that time you wanted to knit your own cable-knit blanket. Hone in on something random that interests you and act on it!

2. Send a letter/FB message to an old friend

Think about the friend that got away. The person that you never stopped loving, you just stopped reaching out to. Think of the person that you used to know everything about, and now you only know about them through Facebook. Write them a letter about your life. Tell them all of the things they used to love to know and ask them the questions you've been dying to know yourself. Remind them that you never forgot about them, but life just got in the way.

3. Rearrange your living space


It's always nice to add a little spice to your living space. Whether it is simply moving your bed to the other side of the room OR redecorating the entire place, it will make you happy. Short on cash? Hit up your favorite Pinterest boards and finally tackle those DIY projects you've been thinking about.

4. Make a call list -- and finish it

This one is an easy time-killer. Think about all of the people who you said you'd call. Your grandma, your old sorority sisters, your own sister. Write down a list of everyone that you'd be happy to talk to (or that may be happy to hear from you) and call them. One by one, let them know that you were thinking of them.

5. Put your thoughts in writing

Take some time to sit with a nice hot cup of coffee, a curated Spotify playlist and a brand new notebook. Pick up your favorite pen (you know you have one), and just write. Write about anything that comes to mind. Write about your childhood. Write about your feelings. Write a story. Write down the secrets that no one knows about you. No matter what you're writing, it will be therapeutic. Your brain will be bursting at the seams because the boundaries will be limitless.

6. Deep clean everything in your life

Take a day to literally clean, scrub, sanitize everything you own. In your bathroom: clean the toilet (yes, make sure to get under the rim), scrub the shower walls AND the tub, clean the mirror, the floors and the base boards. Refresh the toilet paper, cotton balls and cotton swabs and throw away old bottles of shampoo you will never really use. In your bedroom: dust blinds, clean your curtains, vacuum under your bed, organize your closet and get rid of anything you wouldn't buy today. In your living room: dust all of your electronics, clean your remotes, vacuum the couch, and wipe down those shelves you always forget about. In the kitchen: remove everything from the fridge and deep clean it, clean the oven, clean your drip pans, wipe out your drawers and cabinets, mop the floors and clean that dish cloth you've been using for a month. In your car: clear the junk, vacuum the carpets, wipe out the interior, clean windows inside and out, wipe down the buttons and clean out your glove box.

7. Travel to a new city, by yourself

Go visit your friend in Nashville. Call that girl you met on internship one summer, and see if she's still living in Seattle. Buy one of those crazy-cheap Groupon deals and JUST GO!

8. Learn to cook a great meal

Face it: every person should have their own signature dish. And no, Kylie Jenner's ramen recipe doesn't count! Think about some of your favorite foods, and then try to cook them. Throw in a little variation to make the recipe your own and voila! You're a chef now.

9. Create a restaurant bucket list

Food just makes us happy. Even if you're not in a new place, try restaurants you've never been to before. Go to that one place that is right next door to your favorite other place. Try the coffee shop that your friend won't stop raving about. Search for 5-star ratings on Yelp and try them each, one by one.

10. Re-watch your favorite episodes of your favorite shows

There's a reason everyone is so madly obsessed with Netflix. Take a day to dive deep into your most nostalgic moments and rewatch all of your favorite episodes of each of your favorite shows.

11. Update your resume

Your resume is something that can be easily disregarded once you're in a comfortable job. It's always important to update it regularly because you never know who could ask for it at any given time. Hey, you may love your job but you may also meet someone who could give you the opportunity of a lifetime. You never know.

12. Research something that matters to you

Think about what your dream job would be if money didn't matter. Think about something that has always made you turn your head when you heard it on the tv, or something that you have always been curious about. Now, go and learn about it. Look up blogs and websites and learn what opinions people have before you form your own. Take time to really understand what you're taking in and become an expert on this one topic.

Actually learn a new skill

Sometimes we think of the idea of being alone as a scary concept. We wonder where our thoughts will wander, how we will spend our hours. When you really think about it, time alone is honestly underrated. Learn to appreciate those moments in solitude and you'll find that you are more exciting than you could have ever imagined.

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Send a letter/FB message to an old friend

Rearrange your living space

Make a call list -- and finish it

Put your thoughts in writing

Deep clean everything in your life

Travel to a new city, by yourself

Learn to cook a great meal

Create a restaurant bucket list

Re-watch your favorite episodes of your favorite shows

Update your resume

Research something that matters to you