2 Truths & A Lie: Grey's Anatomy Edition

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It's time to see how tricky Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital can be!

Take this quiz to see if you can identify the lie within the questions about Shonda Rimes' show, "Grey's Anatomy". #TGIT

 Apr 24, 2016

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Arizona had a brief relationship with Alex Karev.
Arizona asked Callie to marry her first
Arizona used to wear roller sneakers at the hospital.

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Webber did not have any children with Adele.
Webber has three children, Maggie is one of them.
Ellis and Webber have one child together.

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April got her wedding dress at a secondhand store.
April and Jackson first kiss on the night before his boards.
April and Jackson's baby was named Wyatt.

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Izzie became pregnant with Denny's child before he died.
Denny had a stroke while Izzie was changing into her dress.
Denny was awaiting a heart transplant.

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Derek originally chooses Addison over Meredith.
Addison and Derek had one child they gave up for adoption.
Alex almost got Addison arrested.

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Derek originally moved from New York City.
Derek adopted Zola, whom he treated for bone cancer.
Bailey is the one who first discovered MerDer's relationship.

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
George is the one who discovers Lexie's relation to Meredith.
Lexie went to Columbia's School of Medicine.
Lexie shares a father with Meredith, Thatcher.

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Yang gets an abortion when she gets pregnant with Burke's child.
Yang leaves the Mayo Clinic because she doesn't like her colleagues.
Yang took Meredith to Hawaii for her honeymoon.

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Meredith met Cristina during her time at Dartmouth.
Grey takes a job at The Brigham and Women's Hospital.
Grey names her third baby after her mother.

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George and Meredith slept together one time.
George was married to Callie Torres.
George died in a plane crash.

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Grey's Anatomy via Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Meredith only drinks wine at night.
Meredith almost drowned.
Meredith's drink of choice is tequila.

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Maggie and Andrew DeLuca hooked up.
Maggie and Cristina were best friends before Cristina moved.
Maggie is Meredith's half-sister.

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Andrew and Maggie Pierce dated.
Andrew lived with Arizona for a while.
Andrew's father was a peanut farmer.

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Grey's Anatomy via Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Jackson's grandfather was Harper Avery.
Jackson is a plastic surgeon.
Jackson was once married to Lexie Grey.

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Miranda hasn't had any babies named after her.
Miranda was not popular amongst her peers in high school.
Miranda's interns called her "Medusa".

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Grey's Anatomy via Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Alex almost beat a man to death.
Alex is married to Jo Wilson.
Alex never met his mother.

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Amelia was married to Owen Hunt.
Ameila and Nathan Riggs were engaged briefly.
Ameila replaced Derek as Head of Neurosurgery.

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Teddy and Owen Hunt have a baby together.
Teddy was in the military.
Teddy wears the same scrub cap for every surgery.
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