Quiz: Which 1980s Boyfriend Would You Have?

patrick dempsey, brad pitt, will smith, 80s heartthrobs

Your answer to the question you've been wondering for yours.

Which 80s heartthrob should you date? 80s quiz. Quiz about the 80. 80s heartthrobs. Uncle Jesse. Brad Pitt.

 Apr 15, 2016
1 of 7Pick your answer!
You want a ___________
long distance relationship
best friend who is also your boyfriend
a friends with benefits relationship
long term relationship
summer fling
2 of 7Pick your answer!
What kind of car did the guy of your high school dreams drive?
A Hummer
A VW Rabbit
Anything as long as he drove
Red convertible
An ice-cream truck
3 of 7Pick your answer!
How important is your family's opinion on your boyfriend?
I don't really care what my parent's think
Extremely important
It'd be nice but if they liked him, it's not a deal breaker
Ohh I'd love it if my parents didn't like him
I couldn't care less
4 of 7Pick your answer!
How do you like 'em?
Flirtatious - I like trouble
Wanted. I want all of the girls jealous.
Smart but cool
5 of 7Pick your answer!
How do you deal with hunger?
I just wait until my next scheduled feeding time
I just EAT
Well, I'm always hungry so...
I order delivery immediately
Find something to munch on
6 of 7Pick your answer!
Your ideal first date would take place ____________
at a really nice restaurant
someplace romantic but not flashy- like a ferris wheel!
on a picnic blanket in the park
someplace cute like a roller-skating rink
at a party
7 of 7Pick your answer!
What did you love most about the 80s?
Reebok Pump
Bon Jovi
Mmm I don't remember the 80s that well
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