Quiz: What % Small Town Are You?

country girl

Are you just a small town girl?

Test what kind of person you are! Are you from a small town or a big city. We'll know exactly when you answer these questions!

 Aug 18, 2016
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How many hairstylists/ barbers have you had your entire life?
No more than 6
Over 7
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How do you get your prescriptions filled?
I call it in
I go to my family pharmacist
I go into town
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Where did you and your friends hangout in high school?
Parking lots
Around downtown
Our houses
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How important is having a well trimmed lawn to you?
I've never really had a lawn...
Extremely important/ good manners
I mean, it's important to look nice
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What's the most "foreign" food you've ever had?
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How do you feel about paying for public parking?
It happens
It's public parking, why would I pay for it?
Ugh, it blows but whatever
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Growing up what did you look forward to most on a Friday?
Hanging in with the family
Heading to the movies
Going to Blockbuster
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Did you know anyone in your neighborhood who inspired an urban legend?
More than one haha!
Not really... but I know of this one guy...
Aw small town gossip sounds cute
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Have you ever been to a potluck?
Yeah my friends and I do it on Sundays sometimes
What's that?
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How long are you willing to drive to go to a grocery store?
20 minutes
Why can't I just walk?
Upwards of 40 minutes
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