Quiz: We Can Tell What % Independent You Are

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"I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings."

How independent are you? How to be independent. How to know if you're an independent person. Who do you rely on most?

 Apr 22, 2016
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What does your room look like right now?
Like a museum, super tidy 😏
Like a hurricane blew through it
A little messy but I know where everything is
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You want to have a nice cute dinner, but all of your friends have plans. You __________
Call your BFF and beg her to ditch her plans
order delivery - actually didn't want to go out anyways
go out and get your cute dinner #hungry
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What are you like when you're in a relationship?
The same as I was when I wasn't in one.
A really great partner and friend to my partner
Idk sometimes people call me "clingy"?
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You are driving to visit your family in the next state when you get a flat tire. How do you handle it?
Call 911
Call AAA
Get out, pull out your spare from the truck and get to work
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What's your friendship group like?
Small- I like to spend time alone and with friends worth my time
My boyfriend is all I need
HUGE! I love having multiple that I can go grab food with or go out with
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How do you feel about group projects?
Hate them! So much easier for me to get the job done myself!
Love them! #Networking!
As long as I get to work with my friends I'm good
7 of 7Pick your answer!
You've noticed that one of your friends isn't talking to you, but you don't know why. What do you do?
Confront them about it kindly
Ask all of your friend's what's up
Ignore them right back and turn your friends against them
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