Quiz: What Nationality Is Your Temperament?

nationality, temper, german

Can you fly off the handle like your Italian mother or do you suffer in silence like your British grandpa?

This quiz will help you to determine which nationality your temperament stems from based on questions concerning your ability to handle stress

 Feb 24, 2016
1 of 7Choose your answer:
You get angry over little things _______
rarely ever
every day
never. I only get upset and stupid things
all of the time
sometimes, I guess
2 of 7Choose your answer:
The most important thing to do when you're upset with someone is ________
walk away. And then plan revenge with your posse.
go for the eyes!
challenge them to a fight
rip your shirt off to make your point.
count to 10 and settle down.
3 of 7Choose your answer:
________ anger you the most
Inconsiderate people
People who are ignorant
People who act like they're better than you
4 of 7Choose your answer:
mean girls
You ________ when someone gets you upset
call your friends
need space
plan revenge
go for a run
5 of 7Choose your answer:
Have you ever broken something when you were angry?
Like do you mean a thing or someone's body?
Yes. Nothing of mine though
Like once
All of the time. I'm always buying new phones
I've broken a promise not to get upset. Does that count?
6 of 7Choose your answer:
On a scale of 1-5 how quickly do you get upset?
7 of 7Choose your answer:
This picture makes you ________
want to set fire to the world!!!! WHAT IS THAT?!!?!
want to slap some sense into whoever did that!
feel slightly agitated, but you're alright
want to find out WHAT this person was thinking!
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