Quiz: How Well Do You Know Trekkie Slang?

Want to prove you're a true Trekkie? Make it so!

star trek, movies/tv
 Jul 20, 2016
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Question: 1/10If Spock wants you to "beam him up," he wants _____________

star trek, movies/tv
take him to Klinzhai
to be put out of his misery
you to transport him through space

Question: 2/10Where does UFP stand for?

star trek, movies/tv
United Federation of Planets
Under Fire Prefect
Under Fear of Prosecution

Question: 3/10What is a cloaking device?

star trek, movies/tv
A type of fuel gage
An image used as a protection from enemies
A device that covers a ship to keep it warm

Question: 4/10What is it when a Vulcan can read a human's heart?

star trek, movies/tv
A beam
A Vulcan mind meld
The Vulcan pinch

Question: 5/10If you put Deep Space Nine in warp drive, you ___________

star trek, movies/tv
are making it travel faster than light
have erased everyone on that space station's memory
will likely explode

Question: 6/10What's the holodeck?

star trek, movies/tv
Holograph deck
The ship
Deep Space Nine

Question: 7/10What does "live long and prosper" mean?

star trek, movies/tv
This is war
What time shall we meet at the Klingon homeworld

Question: 8/10If Uhura says "Hailing on all frequencies!", she means __________

star trek, movies/tv
she's blocking communication
the ship is ready for fire
she's trying to send out messages

Question: 9/10If you are "setting phasers to stun," you are _________

star trek, movies/tv
preparing to temporarily incapacitate someone
landing on a planet
going into space

Question: 10/10What is a beta quadrant?

star trek, movies/tv
One of the four quadrants of the Milky Way
A type of Galaxian food
A bathroom on the ship
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