Quiz: How Well Do You Know Puerto Rican Slang?

Coqui! Coqui!

 Mar 28, 2017
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Question: 1/10Pick your answer!

What's a "boricua"?
A boat
A Puerto Rican phrase
Someone from Puerto Rico

Question: 2/10Pick your answer!

What is a "chancleta"?
A type of Puerto Rican coffee
A sweet dish
A flip flop/ weapon

Question: 3/10Pick your answer!

Your abuelita usually wears a ________ all day
la bata

Question: 4/10Pick your answer!

What is the cure all for a cough?
Vicks Vaporub

Question: 5/10Pick your answer!

If you were in trouble your mom might give you a "_____ ______"
ham hamburguesa
pow pow
kit kat

Question: 6/10Pick your answer!

If you want to claim something you might say "copao," or _________
move out the way
let it go
I call it

Question: 7/10Pick your answer!

If you're "pelao" and have zero funds, you're ______

Question: 8/10Pick your answer!

If you want to sure someone you're fine you might say "taco" or _________
I could actually use none of your help
everything is cool
I don't give a single iota

Question: 9/10Pick your answer!

If you want arroz con pollo but your mom says "Yaqui!", she _______
wants you to get out of her kitchen
thinks you should be outside running
only a small bite

Question: 10/10Pick your answer!

What's a Coquí
A small frog from Puerto Rico
What you call your grandma on New Year's
A type of rice
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