Quiz: How Well Do You Know Mafia Slang?


Do you got mafiatastic slang?

Test how well you know mafia/ mobster slang? Take this quiz and see how well you know mafia slang? Mafia slang.

 Aug 16, 2016
1 of 10Pick your answer!
If someone calls you a "goodfella," they think ___________
you're alright and one of them
you're a thief
you're a goodie two shoes and a risk to the gang
2 of 10Pick your answer!
If you've been "made" you're a __________
Little Johnny
3 of 10Pick your answer!
If your boss tells you to "clip" a house he wants you to _____
decorate it for Christmas
do the lawn
burn it
4 of 10Pick your answer!
What's an ode you take when sworn into a family?
5 of 10Pick your answer!
If you're arguing with your brothers you might have a "________" with them to settle everything
6 of 10Pick your answer!
What's "swag"?
A golfing technique
Gift bags that the police give
Stolen goods
7 of 10Pick your answer!
If Papa Gambino asks you to give the po po a "gift," he wants you to give them a __________
free dental cleaning
8 of 10Pick your answer!
If you've been "broken" or "knocked down," you've been ________
demoted in rank
given the green light to leave
9 of 10Pick your answer!
Who's an associate?
A undercover police officer
Someone who works with and for the family
A police officer
10 of 10Pick your answer!
If someone "sleeps with the fishes" they have __________
need back up with a "clip"
literally fallen asleep at the fish shop and need help
gone to the great cannoli shop in the sky
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