Quiz: How Well Do You Know Catholic Slang? Only Devout Catholics Score 100%

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Thank God for slanguage. Amen.

A quiz that tests how well you know Catholic slang and language including how well do you know the Catholic canon

 May 28, 2018
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What do you call the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?
the Apostles
the Holy Family
the Holy Trinity
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What do you do when entering a church?
the Sign of the Cross
recite the Our Father
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What is the first book in the Bible?
4 of 16Pick your answer!
What sacrament cleanses you of your sins?
Holy Orders
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Who is the world leader of the Catholic Church?
the people
the baptist
the Pope
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Which of the following is a sacrament?
7 of 16Pick your answer!
What are the two sections of the Bible called?
The Former and the Current Testament
The Past and the Future Testament
The Old and the New Testament
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What sacrament cleanses you of your sins?
Holy Orders
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What is another name for the pope?
Holy Roman Emperor
Bishop of Rome
Ultimate Religious Authority
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What is Ash Wednesday?
The day Jesus was resurrected
The Wednesday before Easter
The first day of Lent
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A "sister" is ____________
someone you're related to
a nun
your trendy best friend
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What goes hand in hand with Christmas Eve?
Midnight Mass
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What does "sanctus, sanctus, sanctus" mean?
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Holy, holy, holy
Stop, stop, stop
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What is "Corpus Christi"?
A type of bread
The body of Christ
The best wine to drink at church
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In Catholicism, a "canon" is also known as a _____.
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When Catholics get a new priest what do they say?
Habemus papam!
Holy Potato!
Gracias para la aqua
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