Quiz: Only A Sports Superfan Can Pass this Baseball Slang Test. Can You?

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Hey, batta, batta!

Check out our quiz about baseball slang? Do you know what a strike out is? This quiz will see how well you paid attention!

 Feb 11, 2017
1 of 15What's the "Big Show"?
baseball, fail, funny
The major leagues
Wrigley Field
Anything that involves little league players
2 of 15Where is the "dugout"?
baseball, sports
A hole a pitcher digs in the mound
Up in the stands with the crowd
Off of the field where the players and coachers sit
3 of 15What's another word for a 'curveball'?
baseball, sports, fans
A brushback
A bender
A fire engine
4 of 15What's a "long ball"?
baseball, hot dog, food & drinks
A nick-name for short stop
A homerun
A ball that doesn't get hit
5 of 15If someone throws a "knuckle ball," they _______
baseball, sports
Have missed the catcher and hit the backstop
Have just hurt the umpire
Have thrown a high fastball
6 of 15If the bases are "loaded," that means ____________
baseball, umpire, mad, angry, fight
Everyone is drunk
There are runners on 1st, 2nd and 3rd bases
One of the runners missed the base
7 of 15What do you call the team manager?
baseball, sports
8 of 15If a team gets "shutout" they _________
baseball food, food & drinks
didn't wear the right colored uniform
have lost their bats
didn't score any runs
9 of 15If a hitter "tattoos", they __________
Hit the ball extremely hard
Slide into 1st base
Went and did something crazy while they were drunk
10 of 15What's the "hill"?
baseball, sports, fails, fall
Where you should aim the ball
A double play
The pitcher's mound
11 of 15Baseball is also referred to as _________
baseball, women, sports
The Great American Pastime
Stick Street
12 of 15What's a "ball"?
baseball, sports
Slang for the baseball bat
A plank ballplayers have to walk before the game
A pitch that doesn't enter the strike zone and isn't hit by the batter
13 of 15What's a "fly ball"?
baseball, fan
A ball that gets knocked out of the park and never touches the ground
A ball that drops the ground and never gets hit
A ball that goes high in the air after being batted
14 of 15If a runner is "safe" they ___________
baseball, major leagues, sport
temporarily put in the dugout
unable to be punished for a foul
are entitled to a base because they haven't been tagged
15 of 15Who is a "catcher"?
baseball, fail, funny
Another word for the umpire
The designated hitter
The defensive player whose position is behind home plate
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