Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Questions Every Little Mermaid Fan Should Get?

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Do you wanna be where the mermaids are?

Disney movie quiz about the Little Mermaid. How well do you know the Little Mermaid. Just how much do you remember?

 Nov 17, 2020

1 of 22"Her voice is like a bell, she's our sister _____"


2 of 22Ariel is a sixteen-year-old ________ who lives under the sea

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3 of 22Ariel's best friend is __________

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4 of 22Scuttle is a seagull that ____________

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gives wrong identities to human objects
steals human objects
enjoys baking

5 of 22"I've got whose-its and whats-its _____"

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I adore

6 of 22Ariel's dad forbids Ariel to _________

speak with Ursula
swim to the surface of the ocean

7 of 22"Under the sea, darling it's better, down ______, take it from me"

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by the sea
on the setter
where it's wetter

8 of 22Ariel and Flounder watch Eric celebrate his ________ on a ship

parent's anniversary

9 of 22________ saves _______ from drowning during the storm

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Flounder, Ariel
Ariel, Prince Eric
King Triton, Sebastian

10 of 22What does Ariel think a fork is?

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11 of 22"The bass play the brass, the chub play the tub the fluke is the _______"

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bute in coal
duke of soul
part of your world

12 of 22Who convinces Ariel to visit Ursula, the sea witch?

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Flotsam and Jetsam

13 of 22What does Ariel lose in exchange for her legs?

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Her red hair
Her hearing
Her voice

14 of 22Ursula tells Ariel she'll be a human forever by doing what?

Betraying their contract
Giving her King Triton's triton
Kissing Prince Eric

15 of 22"Sha la la la la la, _______, look like the boy too shy"

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flies go by
my oh my
girls and boys

16 of 22What does Ursula disguise herself as?

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A mermaid named Grimbsy
A woman named Vanessa
An angel named Carlotta

17 of 22Who destroys Ursula?

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Sebastian by speaking to her in French
Ariel by stabbing her with a fork
Eric by piercing her with a wrecked ship

18 of 22Who gives Ariel her legs?

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Her father
Her mother

19 of 22Pick your answer!

What is Sebastian?

20 of 22Pick your answer!

At the beginning of the movie Ariel is a _______

21 of 22Pick your answer!

"Poor unfortunate souls In pain, in need, this one longing to be thinner, that _______"
one wants to get the girl
guy needs to get the girl
girl wants to get the boy

22 of 22Pick your answer!

Where are Eric and Ariel when he tries to kiss her?
Blue lagoon
Redwood forest
Green seaside
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