Quiz: Are You Ready for Marriage?


According to the New York Times "When it comes to marriage, what you don’t know really can hurt you". Do you know everything about your partner to make your relationship through for better or worse?

Quiz about marriage. Marriage counseling. 13 Questions you should be asking before you get married. New York Times quiz.

 Mar 30, 2016
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Julia Rothman
How did your partner's family deal with disagreements when they occurred?
Their family generally worked out issues by discussing things calmly
Things could get out of control, with plates or other items being thrown
Family members would silently shut down and refuse to discuss the issue
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Julia Rothman
Does your partner want to have children?
We've talked about this and share the same opinion on having children
I know exactly how many kids I want to have and what their names will be
Yes but not with me
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Julia Rothman
Will your partner or your experiences in previous relationship be a tool or a trouble?
We both accept that we can learn from previous relationships
#1 Rule: Never talk about the ex. We don't talk about that.
Talking about exes with my partner always makes one of us jealous
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Julia Rothman
How do you and your partner plan to approach religious ideologies?
We've both settled on an approach to religion in a way that works for us
My partner wants to raise our kids in their parent's faith
We'll figure it out as we go
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Julia Rothman
How will you and your partner deal with debt?
I make my own money and will be spending it on myself
Money is an awkward thing for us to talk about
We both understand and agree on how we want to handle finances
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Julia Rothman
What’s the most you would be willing to spend on a car, a couch, shoes?
I suppose if I want something nice, I should spend my own money to get it
Getting cheap things is the most responsible way to do it
We both agree that different things have greater worth
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Julia Rothman
Is your partner comfortable with you doing things without them?
My spouse and I enjoy spending time together and rarely spend time apart
My partner doesn't get why I want to spend time with my friends alone
My partner understands that autonomy is healthy and important
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Julia Rothman
Do you and your partner both enjoy each other's family?
My partner and I always have a united front concerning our parents
I really don't care what my partner's parents think about me
I'm pretty sure my partner's mother doesn't like me
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Julia Rothman
How important is sex to you?
My partner and I are always open and honest about what we want in bed
Talking about what I want in bed can be embarrassing
My partner is satisfied
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Julia Rothman
What are you and your partners expectations when it comes to sexual exclusivity?
We both agree on what we think is appropriate behavior in our relationship
To me, flirting, and dancing with someone else is cheating
If I tell my partner that their watching porn upsets me I'll seem jealous
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Julia Rothman
What ways does your spouse say "I love you" without actually verbalizing it?
My partner makes me feel loved by holding my hand and kissing me
When my partner gives me gifts I think they could be saying "I love you"?
My partner rarely does anything special for me
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Julia Rothman
Do you know what your partner admires about you the most and what they dislike about you the most?
What could my partner dislike about me? Did they say something?
I told my partner a long time ago to take my flaws or leave me
Yes, I know they love me- even because of my flaws (which I'm working on)
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Julia Rothman
How do you see and your partner see your relationship 10 years from now?
I don't believe in divorce so we better be happy
I hope we're still together
Hopefully happy, but my partner and I have discussed all possible outcomes
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