This Fake Instagram Star Had Us All Fooled

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Life on yachts and at chic restaurants with bubbly isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

Louise Delage's instagram account paints her as a glam French woman living up a life of luxury and trendy soirées. She drinks cocktails on yachts, sips on champagne in bubble bath, eats at chic restaurants and gets smashed with friends at cool night clubs. So much so, that in just the few months after signing up on Instagram on August 1st, the 25-year-old racked up over than 50,000 followers.


The Instagram star received thousands of likes daily and received constant comments of approval on her account: "Wow. You're beautiful!" commented a follower. "Super cute!" wrote another.

On September 30th, just two months after signing up for he account, Delage posted one final video to her account. Zipping through the photos she'd previously posted, the Instagram star made one big troubling reveal to her followers: every single one of her 149 pictures had a photo of her with an alcoholic drink in hand.


Louise Delage's account had a problem. She was also a French student, posing for a Addict Aide campaign. The company was created by the Paris ad agency BETC and is a French organization that works to get people sober. Louise Delage is in fact "Louise Delage" the models real name is confidential according to BETC president Stéphane Xiberras.

The organization's latest campaign is trying to make a point: it's easy to miss the signs of addiction.

"She's the girl next door, she could be your daughter or someone you know," Xiberras told CNN.

"You can miss something like this. It's so difficult for parents if your child is an alcoholic, you are not able to find the clues and understand things."


Xiberras says that only a handful of people noticed the Instagram account wasn't real, "but that is the point. No one noticed. [They thought] this girl has everything. That was the point."

Addict Aide estimates that addictions lead to 1 in 5 deaths in France every year. They also believe that one out of two criminal acts, especially committed by youth, also have their roots in addiction.

So far, the organization is happy with the ads impact. The topic became trending on Twitter in France and the video received over 500,000 total views across Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

"You can reach a lot of people through the use of the media. It's crazy," he said.

Check out the video here: