These Are The Best Dunkin' Donuts Options To Keep Healthy

Looks like you actually can run on Dunkin'

1. For The Vegetarian

You lucky vegetarians, you. Doughnuts at Dunkin' are 100% animal free (that's sans animal fat too). But if you want to eat healthier and get a bigger bang for your buck, go with ultra protein boost and get an egg and cheese on an English muffin. Add a late with skim or almond milk and you'll be running on Dunkin'.

2. For The Vegan

Doughnuts aren't an option for vegans, but an English muffin and a latte are. Add almond milk to your latte for a morning kick.

3. For the Calorie Counter

Sorry, vegan eaters, doughnuts are you for you. Keep it real with an English muffin and a latte with almond milk and you'll be good to go.

4. For The Sugar Watcher

There's only a quarter teaspoon of sugar in the egg white veggie wrap, which will be awesome for those of you dodging the sugar packets. Grab a plain coffee with skim milk and you'll be Dunkin' gold.

5. For The Salt Watcher

Keeping an eye on salt intake is so important. Passing on donuts and breakfast sandwiches will have you well on your way to Salt-Free City. Go with the lowest sodium meal on the Dunkin' menu: original oatmeal with dried fruit topping. Still need that extra kick in the morning? Coffee with skim milk, which as less sodium than a latte, will give you all you need.

6. For The Gluten- Free

Let's be real, Dunkin' runs on gluten. But it's not total slim pickings for you riding the gluten trend, or avoiding an allergy. Grab the strawberry banana smoothie for a safe option and share with a friend to cut those calories in half.

7. For The Girl on the Go

Those craving their favorite chain and headed to their morning spin class will love this. The egg white veggie flatbread delivers in all ways with protein. Add a yummy latte with skim milk to pack on more.

8. For The Driving While Eating

You're lying to yourself if you don't admit that you wished you'd had an easier food option to munch on when you were behind the wheel. Well guess what? The multigrain bagel with reduced-fat plain cream cheese is where it's at. Add an iced latte with skim milk for your pleasure.

9. For The One Who Wants Low Carbs

Want low carbs? Totally a thing at Dunkin's. Just stick with the egg and cheese Wake-Up Wrap (it only has 13 grams of carbohydrates) and a green tea for a carb-free antioxidant-loaded caffeine boost and you'll be winning the fast food game.