The Top 5 Boston Neighborhoods To Live In

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Here are the chillest neighborhoods in Boston.

The search for a the ultimate hipster paradise in Boston is as never-ending as it's realist price hikes. Refined hoods like Back Bay and swanky SouthE might be on the top of every 20 somethings "someday" list, but here's a list of completely overlooked and trendy neighborhoods that are low in cost now and on the up and up.

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South Boston

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South Boston is the funky neighborhood that has young professionals flocking to this waterfront real-estate. The area is chock full of dressed-up working-class row houses and condominiums with a one-mile-plus stretch of waterfront beach for brunches and jogs with friends.

Jamaica Plain

Heads up urban pioneers, JP's edgy cool hood is every hipsters dream. It's large lesbian and Latino population is perfect for the renter looking for diversity, progressiveness and excitement. It's housing stock has a fun mix of grand, old Victorians and triple-deckers for you to choose from.

East Boston


Anyone who loves a good whine about gentrification will be all in on this gentrified neighborhood that's managed to hold on to its prominent Italian population. Immigrants from Guatemala, El Salvador and Brazil who flocked to the area have brought an abundance of markets packed with pupusas, fluffy tortillas filled with meat and other steamy dishes. Snap up an apartment on Eagle Hill or in the secluded Orient Heights section where triple-deckers and two-family homes are popular.

Davis Square


Straddling Cambridge and Somerville, Davis Square is the ultimate destination for the hipster academic. Residents are a mix of Tufts University and Harvard students, empty-nesters and professionals who love Birkenstocks. As one of the last stops on the Red Line, the neighborhood is dense with loads of restaurants and distinctive shops.


Magic Beans

Technically it's own city, most Boston locals know it's really just another Boston neighborhood. In fact, you could say the Brooline is the beating heart of Boston's hipster world. It's large Jewish population will give any foodie access to al lot the mezuzah and blintz in the world The smart and snappy neighborhood is filled with the type of people that can keep a quaint indie bookstore alive and thriving. Our favorite: the neighborhood is loaded with upscale ethnic restaurants, from Japanese and Turkish to Indian.