'Stranger Things' Star, Millie Bobby Brown, Is In A New Music Video


Actress shows off her range.

If Netflix's latest hit, Stranger Things caught on with you over the summer, there's no doubt one young girl from the show snagged your attention as well. While the characters of the show might be entirely engrossed with the girl they know as Eleven, the show's endearing paranormal star, it's the actor who plays her that has really gained momentum with the show's release. Millie Bobby Brown has graced the talkshow stages of Jimmy Fallon and Chelsea Handler. She also recently starred in Sigma ft. Birdy's, "Find Me" music video and schooled us on just what else she's capable of. Hint: it's more than the mystifying enigma she's so good at playing.

While Brown's character Eleven is mostly stoic in persona, Brown's latest appearance shows that she's way more than just a supporting actor and also capable of a wide acting range. As the central focus of the music video she carries her performance all on her own.

According to Rolling Stone, Brown jumped at the opportunity to show off her acting chops as soon as she got word of the music video.

"I was so excited when Birdy asked me to appear in her music video for her new single with Sigma. I have been a fan of hers for forever, and immediately fell in love with the song -- it was such an amazing experience. We shot on the streets of Los Angeles, well into the night, which was so cool!"

In her appearance in Sigma's video for "Find Me," featuring British singer Birdy, the actress gives an impressive lip-syncing performance. Just as Season 2 of Stranger Things couples with Eleven's appearance has been confirmed, Brown's recent performance the video reminds us that she's capable of allowing her character to go off on her own in this show. If one thing is clear, this girl's taken is sticking around.

Check it out here: