Ryan Lochte Got Tackled During 'Dancing With The Stars'

Ryan Lochte, swimming, dwts, dancing with the stars

Lochte had to tap dance his way out of assault

The Short of It:

If you haven't already heard, things got swept up in drama pretty quickly on last night's "Dancing With the Stars" and Ryan Lochte was the one in the spotlight.

The Longer Version of It:

Two protestors rushed the "Dancing with the Stars" stage last night to shame the Olympian after his first performance. The live show was interrupted just as the swimmer was getting feedback from a judge on his dance routine.

"Two individuals stormed the dance floor tonight and were immediately subdued and escorted out of the building," a spokesperson for the company that produces "Dancing with the Stars," BBC Worldwide Productions, said in a released statement to CNN.

One of them was tackled to the ground by one of the show's security guard as the other was subdued by a second guard and escorted off stage. The suspects are LA residents Sam Sododeh, 48, Barzeen Soroudi, 40. Both wore white anti Lochte T-shirts and khaki pants (apparently Old Navy still sells those).

After fabricating a story about being robbed during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Lochte's faced a flood of criticism. In the weeks since the truth behind what initially happened unfolded, the six time gold medal winner has been suspended from the sport for 10months and lost several endorsement deals. In August, Lochte told USA Today that he was hoping his stunt on DWTS would turn things around for him. "It's just an amazing show, and hopefully when I'm on it, people will watch and enjoy the show and talk about the show," he said. "Hopefully, it changes everyone's mind-set and just focuses on something different."

Since the incident Lochte has expressed his upset "So many feelings are going through my head right now," Lochte said "I'm a little hurt."

The Takeaway:

Lochte may be dazzling judges on the show, but it looks like not too many people are ready to hop back on the "Jeah" train after Rio.